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Fort Ramgate

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Fort Ramgate
Nation Molthune
Region Marideth or the Border
Size Large town
Population 2,200
Ruler General Lord Resper Cyrno
Leader General Hakar

Source: Lands of Conflict, pg(s). 40

Fort Ramgate is a frontier town of the nation of Molthune, in the Marideth River valley.[1] It has impressive fortifications, which are tested on an almost daily basis by the forces of neighbouring Nirmathas. In fact, the town takes its name from the repeated attempts to destroy its gates. Despite this, the town's population continues to grow, as Molthune's Imperial Army concentrates its forces here in preparation for the almost inevitable invasion of Nirmathas. Indeed, most of the few elite troops of the Imperial Army are currently stationed in Fort Ramgate.[2]

The town is commanded by General Hakar.[3] General Lord Resper Cyrno ostensibly rules the Border region of Molthune from Fort Ramgate as its territorial seat, but spends very little time there.[4]


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