Deadeye's Haunt

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Deadeye's Haunt is a narrow valley on the border between Molthune and Nirmathas, at the southern edge of Fangwood. It is the site of the bloodiest battle in the war between the two nations.1


Originally known as Deadeye's Gulch, the valley was home to a small shrine to Erastil where hunters could find succor. This changed when the Molthuni army selected the gulch as a staging ground for an invasion of Nirmathas, only to be set upon by several hosts of Nirmathi guerrilla fighters in the Battle at Deadeye's Gulch. The battle lasted for a week before the Molthuni force fled back over the border, leaving many Nirmathi—and many more of their own—dead in the devastated valley.234

All attempts by Nirmathi druids to resanctify the valley have failed due to the continued Molthuni presence in the area, and both nations now regard Deadeye's Haunt as cursed, a belief only bolstered by the ever-increasing presence of undead formed from the bodies and souls of fallen soldiers.2


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