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Type Religious
Headquarters Windwatch Keep, Mindspin, Molthune
Goals Interpreting the future through weather patterns
Scope Local (southern Mindspin Mountains)
Members Soothsayers

Source: Forge of the Giant God, pg(s). 69

The Windwatchers are a sect of hermetic seers devoted to the god Gozreh, based in Windwatch Keep in the Mindspin Mountains of Molthune. The Windwatchers believe they can divine the future by reading wind patterns, and strictly forbid the use of weather-altering magic, which they claim interferes with their soothsaying abilities. This often puts them in conflict with explorers who use such magic for their own protection. Recent weather changes have led the senior members of the Windwatchers to believe a great cataclysm is imminent, but they do not speak of it to lower-ranking members or outsiders.[1][2]


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