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Nation Molthune
Region Menador
Size Small city
Population 9,300
Ruler General Lord Irina Klim

Source: Lands of Conflict, pg(s). 11-12

Formerly an independent city-state, Cettigne was annexed in 4708 AR by Molthune when the city was beset by plague and famine. Molthune's youngest General Lord, Irina Klim, was set up as Cettigne's new ruler, but the locals continue to chafe at their new-found servitude. The traditional Free City Citizen Militia continues to protect the city independently of the General Lords. Friction between the locals and the national forces may soon lead to violence.[1][2][3]

Cettigne is built around four castles representing the various periods of its history; they are reflected on the city's flag, four white castles on a green field. A fifth castle is under construction, representing Molthuni rule.[1]

Cettigne has a small temple of Abadar.[4]