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Caligni stalker
Dark stalker1E
A dark stalker.

Caligni stalkers, also known by non-caligni as dark stalkers, are the sibling race to the smaller caligni creepers who dwell in Golarion's Darklands. Caligni stalkers and caligni creepers form a physically dimorphic society that is part of the wider caligni population. Caligni stalkers are often leaders of caligni communities.1 They typically pair up with a dark caller to help guide their clan, and use the caligni creepers to do the grunt work.2[citation needed]


Caligni stalkers typically stand tall at six feet, but are exceptionally thin, weighing only 100 pounds. Their pale skin is covered with remarkably clean wrappings over black leather armor.21


In melee combat, caligni stalkers often wield two shortswords and can coordinate attacks with caligni creepers under their command.1


As with all dying caligni, caligni stalkers blast energy which, in their case, is a burning white-hot flame.1



In 4712 AR, Pathfinders found evidence of caligni stalkers and caligni slayers worshipping the evil Tian Xia goddess Lao Shu Po in the Hao Jin Tapestry.3


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