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Drandle Dreng

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Drandle Dreng
Drandle Dreng

Declan Dreng
Source: Seekers of Secrets, pg(s). 31 (1E)
Absalom, City of Lost Omens, pg(s). 297 (2E)

Drandle Dreng is the venture-captain of the Pathfinder Society who handles Pathfinder assignments concerning Absalom's history and mysteries.2


Dreng as Sapphire, member of the Decemvirate.

Venture-Captain Dreng filled in as Master of Scrolls for three months while Kreighton Shaine went on sabbatical in the Mwangi Expanse.3

Dreng was also a member of the Society's leadership council of the Decemvirate, where he secretly operated under the identity of the Sapphire Decemvirate Helm, until 4721 AR. In that year Dreng, as Sapphire, was possessed by an ancient malevolent spirit released by a Pathfinder Society expedition into Min-Khadaim. In the process of stopping that spirit's actions, the green dragon Jadirahx revealed Sapphire's true identity as Dreng to a team of Pathfinders and Venture-Captain Urwal.1 Following his unmasking and recovery, he was stripped of the Sapphire Helm and his position on the Decemvirate.45


Venture-Captain Dreng's gray hair, paunch, cataracts, and generally unkempt appearance belie the seasoned Pathfinder's sharp intellect, wit, enthusiasm, and good sense of humor.26


Dreng has long had a reputation among venture-captains for his eccentric habits, such as waking Pathfinders in the middle of the night to go on missions or bring him wine,6 though he had abandoned such practices in recent years. Fola Barun suggested to initiates that he did so not out of urgency but to determine whether Pathfinders would prioritize their comfort over an assignment.7

He has a remarkable memory: he recalls hidden truths about the city's most important people that even they have forgotten. These secrets are not just gathered from Pathfinder agents: one of Dreng's most interesting habits is that, at least one day a week, he dons the "disguise" of a beggar and wanders the streets and markets of Absalom. When asked about this, he has replied, "Tongues are looser around the poor, and a beggar needs no magic to make himself invisible."


In addition to his responsibilities as a Pathfinder Society venture-captain, Dreng also maintains the Prospectus of Artifacts, a record of Society findings and where they are stored. This work has resulted in attempts on his life.6

Dreng maintains an office in Skyreach at the Grand Lodge and a home in the Westgate district of Absalom.6


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