Fola Barun

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Fola Barun
Fola Barun.

Source: Pathfinder Society Guide, pg(s). 27

Fola Barun is a Pathfinder Society venture-captain and negotiator who leads the Envoy's Alliance faction.12


Fola is a raven-haired, dark-skinned aiuvarin with silver tattoos on her face.1


Fola first encountered the Pathfinder Society in her role as the envoy of an Ekujae elven community in the Mwangi Expanse in 4716 AR,31 and later joined the Society through a field commission. She quickly established herself as an attentive leader whose even-keeled, professional approach not only expanded the Society's understanding of the mighty Vanji River, but also helped devastate the Aspis Consortium's predatory operations along that route. Having never trained at the Grand Lodge or absorbed the conventional Society wisdom imparted to initiates, she was appalled upon first reaching Absalom and learning of the many counts of negligence of the past century. She has brought a fresh approach to recruitment and supporting agents in the field, which often sees her collaborating (and occasionally clashing) with the deans of the Pathfinder Society's three schools.21

Fola Barun.

She eagerly participated in the Society's reforms of 4719 AR, and the Decemvirate granted her leadership of the new Envoy's Alliance faction with the responsibility of regrowing the Society's ranks. She extended that mission to include taking care of active Pathfinders through continued training, medicine, and psychological treatment.1


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