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Year of Corruption's Reach

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The subject of this article exists in or is relevant to the real world. This article contains spoilers for the following products: Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Season 2
This article covers the second season of the Pathfinder Society Organized Play campaign for Pathfinder Second Edition. For the second season using the Pathfinder First Edition rules, also designated "Season 2", see Season 2 summary.

Season 2 of the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild campaign for Pathfinder Second Edition runs from August 2020 to July 2019. The season is referred to as the Year of Corruption's Reach.

Metaplot and ongoing plots overview

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Season 2 releases

The following adventures have been announced as part of PF2 Season 2 but could change upon release.

This table can be sorted by scenario number, title, level tier, metaplot arc, venture-captain assigning the mission, faction metaplot, location, or country.

PFS# Title Tier Metaplot/Notes Venture-Captain Faction Location Country
2-00 The King in Thorns 1-8 Metaplot (conclusion to Year of the Open Road) Mwangi Expanse
2-01 Citadel of Corruption 1-4 Metaplot Jorsal of Lauterbury Iobaria
2-02 Mountain of Sea and Sky 3-6 Fola Barun Envoys' Alliance Kayajima Minkai
2-03 Catastrophe's Spark 1-4 Metaplot Vigilant Seal Min-Khadaim Iobaria
2-04 Path of Kings 3-6 Horizon Hunters Arcadia
2-05 Balancing the Scales 1-4 Absalom Absalom
2-06 Crashing Wave 3-6 Repeatable Jalmeray