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Source: NPC Guide, pg(s). 57 (1E)
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Shensen is a performer who helped with the liberation of Ravounel from Cheliax by working undercover as a Chelish opera performer in the Kintargo Opera House,12 where she was to play the role of Aolar in the opera Huntress of Heroes.3 By 4724 AR she had also become a prominent traveling member of the Firebrands, though she frequently returns to her adopted hometown of Kintargo.4


As a child, Shensen's parents were murdered by agents of House Thrune while she hid from their killers in the woods, an act that inspired a powerful lifelong hatred of Cheliax's diabolical rulers.56

Shensen took up an adventuring life, traveling with a group of adventurers until they were forced to disband following a fire in Egorian. Shensen settled in Kintargo afterwards, becoming a popular singer at the Kintargo Opera House, but retained her opposition to the practices of House Thrune and her Sarenite faith. During her stay in Kintargo, she covertly infiltrated and spied on Chelaxian noble houses and organizations, served as a leading figure in Kintargo's underground worship of Sarenrae, and engaged regularly in the city's black market.7

During the Night of Ashes, Shensen went missing as agents of House Thrune burned down the Silver Star, her shop and Sarenite shrine.3 Few know that she was captured by Barzillai Thrune and petrified by his cockatrices to be his trophy.89 After a group of heroes freed her from Barzillai's clutches during the Ruby Massacre, she became leader of the newly resurrected Silver Ravens. She has since spent her time organising rebellions across Cheliax, growing Sarenrae's faith in Kintargo, and establishing the city as a bastion of fine art and music.109


Guttugger, an awakened deinonychus companion of Shensen.

Chuko, the tengu owner of the renowned War Cage, is a former adventuring companion of Shensen. They have long been friends but no longer adventure together, as Chuko has lost interest in rebellion.117

Since the liberation of Ravounel, Shensen has grown close to Shimali Manux and been instrumental in forging bonds between the Silver Raves and Vidrian. She is also allied with Tessa Fairwind, Hurricane Queen of the Free Captains.5

Guttugger, an awakened deinonychus rogue, is Shensen's former pet and longtime companion.12


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