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The annis hag is the most physically powerful of the hags. Sometimes known as iron hags or black hags, they are usually solitary but sometimes gather together in covens of three hags (of any type). They delight in torture and slaughter, and have a particular taste for the flesh of young children and the pure in heart.1


In its natural form, an annis hag is tall and hunchbacked, with blue or black skin and powerful claws. A typical specimen is over eight feet in height and weighs 300 pounds.1

Annis hags are the most physically imposing of the hag types. They are large, brutish creatures often found in desolate or cursed areas. These hags are known for their strength and love of violence. Annis hags tend to revel in chaos and destruction, and they are skilled at using their brute force and dark magic to wreak havoc.2


Annis hags can alter their appearance in order to lure victims to their doom, and can also create clouds of fog. Unlike smaller hags, who tend to rely on guile or supernatural abilities, annis hags are dangerous melee combatants. Their strength causes their teeth and claws to inflict terrible wounds, and their tough skin is resistant to both sharp objects and magic.1

Although known for their ability to transform their appearance, they tend to retain some of their monstrous features even when they do so.[citation needed]



Changeling children born to annis hags are known as annis-born changelings or slag mays. They are the strongest of the hag heritages, with powerful shoulders and strong frames, but tend to be the least magically inclined. Slag mays often have a strong zest for experiencing the new, relish grueling, physical tasks, and enjoy collecting trinkets or mementos.3

On Golarion

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Ulla Jarnrygg is a powerful annis hag sorcerer who lives in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings.4 The island of Three Hags Rock in the Ironbound Archipelago is said to be the grave of three annis hags so ugly that the moon goddess Desna built the island's mountains over their bodies so she would never have to look upon them again.5


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