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(extraplanar, psychopomp)
Any (Boneyard)
Source: Empty Graves, pg(s). 84

The esobok psychopomps are the vicious predators of Pharasma's Boneyard, where they hunt all manner of undead creatures.12


Esoboks have black stocky, dog-like bodies that are built more like rhinoceroses than canines, and are bald but covered in patterns of even darker spots and stripes that identify individuals. Their neck boasts a ruff of oily black feathers connecting its body with the esobok's 'head', which consists of a bone-white, fleshless crocodilian skull. They stand 3 feet high at the shoulder, and are just as wide; though short, their bulky form weighs nearly 300 pounds. There are not thought to be any physical differences between genders, in fact, many scholars doubt esoboks even have genders.1


With only slightly greater intelligence than an animal, esoboks serve as Pharasma's loyal guard beasts uncorrupted by higher thought. Their behaviour lacks any trace of mortal influence as they are formed directly from the quintessence of the Boneyard itself and, as a result, esoboks lack the individuality of other psychopomps. Esoboks have an incredible gift for detecting the negative energy that animates undead, then snuffing it out. As outsiders, esoboks do not need to eat, but feasting on undead is such a potent sensual experience that they hunt them as though they were starving. Esoboks have sharp claws, and a powerful bite that possesses a strange ability to temporarily rip the animating spirit from a creature. With living prey, this effect is only temporary, but it is much more effective against undead, and can even instantly destroy mindless undead like skeletons or zombies. Though undead are their favourite prey, esoboks can consume the essence of the living and outsiders; only truly dead petitioners are safe from their fearsome predation.1

Habitat & Society

Like all psychopomps, esoboks are primarily found atop Pharasma's Spire where they serve as guard animals. Within the Boneyard, they form wolf-like packs to defend the land of the dead from those who would disturb their rest, defending their territories from outsiders as well as mortal intruders. Such is their brutal nature that the yamarajes allow only the most disciplined esoboks within sight of courts where the souls of the dead are judged. Esoboks are only rarely sent to the Material Plane as they have to be tightly controlled lest they run rampage, though they are sometimes summoned by mortals to help deal with undead infestations. Such summoners needed to be wary as, when denied undead, esoboks will prey upon whatever is nearest. Esoboks, for all their bestial nature, still fear and respect more powerful psychopomps. They are often recruited by vanths to help them deal with threats to the River of Souls like astradaemons and night hags. Morrignas who tire of subtlety will also sometimes use them as brute muscle. Vanths are a lot more comfortable than most around esoboks, and are the only creatures capable of training them.1


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