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(extraplanar, psychopomp)
Any (Boneyard)
Source: Concordance of Rivals, pg(s). 60

Fulgatis are titanic, brutish psychopomps who commit genocides on cultures that have reached the end of their days.1


Fulgatis look like towering, feminine creatures with eight muscular arms, four of which take the place of legs. Because of this, they can easily climb and burrow. Their body looks sculpted from metal and stone carved into elaborate patterns, and they wear ram-shaped masks with horns usable in combat. A fulgati is 80 feet tall and weighs from 150 to 175 tons.1


Fulgatis are relatively simple-minded: intelligent enough to speak and read but possessing none of the intellect, compassion, or personality of other psychopomps. Instead, these creatures are utterly loyal to Pharasma and serve as enforcers of her will when a civilisation has to die so that new ones can grow from its corpse. Death pumps in their body and unravels creations in their wake, leaving behind dead ground.1

Fulgatis are too aggressive to collect souls and shepherd them to the Boneyard, leaving this job to other psychopomps, who are never far away from a fulgati on a mission. They instead collect quintessence from their victims and use it to animate objects to serve as their minions, that can remain active for centuries, tearing down the ruins and ensuring that the dead culture can never be rebuilt.1

According to legends, fulgatis are not transformed from shades but are birthed by Pharasma herself—the so-called older sisters of her youngest daughter Atropos. Due to their destructive nature, fulgatis have been compared to the Spawn of Rovagug. Some speculate that they are Pharasma's response to Rovagug, while others claim that Pharasma devours the Spawn of Rovagug's souls and rebirths them as fulgatis, monsters that she can control.1


Many fulgatis are held in stasis within Pharasma's Palace or inside Pharasma's Spire, unleashed only when Pharasma has no need for patience or subtlety. The sepulchres where they sleep continue far down the Spire, beyond where psychopomps are normally allowed, suggesting that even more powerful fulgatis are hidden there, waiting to tear down the Great Beyond when its end comes.1

Since fulgatis (unlike most psychopomps) can travel between planes, rogue fulgatis can hide for centuries to commit genocides on their own whim. They are high-priority targets for psychopomps to eliminate, but only yamarajes can prove a match for them.1


Due to a terrible desire to turn away from death, most civilisations that encounter a fulgati usually forget about them, rationalising the destruction they wrought as accidents and natural disasters. Because of this, it is unknown how many times fulgatis have been unleashed upon the Material Plane, or even whether they have been unleashed in the first place.1


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