Free City Militia

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Free City Militia

City guard
City guard of Cettigne
Local (Cettigne)
Source: Lands of Conflict, pg(s). 12

The Free City Militia, sometimes termed the Free City Citizen Militia,1 of Cettigne is the city's traditional and independent guard. Indeed, when the formerly independent city-state was annexed by Molthune, the militia retained its existing role. General Lord Irina Klim has orders to deploy it to the front line of Molthune's ongoing conflict with Nirmathas, but its officers have delayed this move with insubordination and—according to Klim—outright sedition. Its members frequently find creative ways to undermine Klim's orders. Klim ordered three of the guard's high-ranking officers, including the charismatic and well-connected Guard-Captain Xander Bretonne, to be imprisoned indefinitely on suspicion of attempting to usurp her rule over Cettigne. Rumours abound that the general lord may soon resort to open violence to ensure the militia's obedience.12


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