M'neri Valley Cattle Ranch

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M'neri Valley Cattle Ranch

Small town
Source: Sargava, The Lost Colony, pg(s). 17, 20

M'neri Valley Cattle Ranch began as a cattle ranch on the edge of the M'neri Plains in Sargava. It was established by Olgran Macini under the name Freehold as a holiday spot, but has since grown into the equivalent of a small town. Olgan always tried to be fair to the native Mwangi ranch hands, and since then they have been paid a fair wage and offered a share of the profits.1

It is currently run by Olgran's great-great-granddaughter Mindra Macini, although her cousin Salgarth is trying to gain control. He would like to run it as a "normal" Sargavan business, without any benefits for the Mwangi workers.234 In the aftermath of Sargava's fall and the establishment of Vidrian, Freehold was renamed to M'neri Cattle Ranch, while Mindra appointed two native siblings who work as a herder and breeder to handle daily operations.1 Some members of the Combined Mercantile Interests and Field Unions say Mindra should waive all of her claims if she believes the Mwangi to be her equals, while certain people who wish to bring back colonial rule seek to harshly punish Mindra and her ranch.5


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