Stark Point

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Stark Point

Small town
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 169

Stark Point is a trading post on the River of Lost Tears in the extreme east of Sargava. It is southeast of Fort Bandu and north of Kalabuto.1

It was founded in 4414 AR2 as a mining community under the leadership of the church of Aroden. As a result, in addition to an inn, stable, and general store, it also boasts a surprisingly large cathedral. However, the mineral deposits were eventually exhausted, and the death of Aroden led to the cathedral being closed down and boarded up. Most of the population soon relocated to Kalabuto,3 and Stark Point become little more than a general store.4

The abandoned cathedral might be haunted, and some have claimed to have seen strange lights and heard chanting coming from within.3

In 4690 AR, the Sclerizi brothers—Arno, Carlo, Gudo, and Ikhaia—bought the store and converted it into a trading post.4