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Giant gecko

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Giant gecko

Giant geckos are cunning predators capable of scaling any surface in pursuit of prey, and are intelligent enough to use this ability as an advantage. Growing to lengths in excess of eight feet, these reptiles can prove to be particularly challenging opponents.1


The eyes and skin of giant geckos are often brightly colored, and the unique structure of their toes grants these creatures exceptional climbing ability. The general appearance of these lizards varies from species to species; in addition to differences in coloration, some specimens are known to possess horns and spinal ridges that are absent in other varieties.12


Giant geckos possess the ability to climb any surface, and they use this skill to their advantage in stalking and bringing down prey smaller than themselves. Some species boast a venomous bite as well. Smart enough to ambush their opponents, these reptiles are capable of recognizing when they are outmatched and will flee rather than be killed.12

Habitat and ecology

Giant geckos are powerful hunters, but will consume sweet plants and fruits in addition to meat.1 They are will eat animals and humanoids as large as a dog.3 They are sometimes utilized as guards and mounts by various humanoid species.1


Common giant geckos resemble their lesser kin, but variants exist that boast abilities beyond those of the more populous species.1

Cave gecko
Cave geckos are larger cousins of the giant geckos, bred by the drow of the Darklands as mounts. Growing the size of horses, these lizards are highly prized by the dark elves due to their incredible climbing abilities. Drow soldiers use special saddles to keep them mounted even when hanging upside-down from a cavern ceiling.4
These reptiles are known to inhabit the Lands of the Linnorm Kings.1
Glitterscale gecko
The glitterscale gecko can be found among the urban areas of the nation of Geb.1
Horned spirestalker
The horned spirestalkers are native to the Cinderlands region of the Storval Plateau. Their bony scales are grooved in such a way that moisture which collects on them is funneled towards their mouths. They can often be found perched on crags or other stone outcroppings, waiting to pounce on their prey. The rare black-scaled spirestalkers live in the most volcanic regions of the Cinderlands, sharing their habitat with basilisks. These geckos blend in well with the dark, volcanic rock and soil there and are generally ignored by the basilisks, as they keep the small vermin and mammal population in control.5A spirestalker's skull is traditionally used to create the Shoanti bladed shield called a klar.6
This species of gecko is from Galt, native to the Fog Peaks mountains. It is very rare.3
Spire strider
These geckos are native to Varisia's Storval Plateau.3
Six-toed gecko
This subspecies of gecko is native to Sargava.3


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