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Source: Mythic Realms, pg(s). 52–53 (1E)
World Guide, pg(s). 116 (2E)

Jarl Gnargorak, the self-proclaimed king of all frost giants, rules from Bos-Phargrumm, an ice castle perched high among the peaks of the Tusk Mountains northwest of the Ginji Mesa. The jarl possesses intelligence and cunning, but lacks kindness and forgiveness. Throughout his life, he and his frost giants have engaged in clashes against the Mammoth Lords, a conflict deeply ingrained in his ancestry. Jarl Gnargorak envisions a future where his people reign supreme over this land and the Mammoth Lords are wiped out. Jarl Gnargorak bides his time, anticipating the followings to grow complacent. Once this happens, he plans to lead his armies down from the icy heights of the mountains and claim the territories he deems rightfully belonging to the Jotun.1


Gnargorak took the title jarl after he alone slew Lanargix, an ancient silver dragon and then mounted the dragon's horns on his staff and used its hide for the hilt grip of his legendary sword: Winter’s Heart.2


A harem of cloud giants serve as his personal guard and advisors when he stays in Bos-Phargrumm. Jarl Gnargorak commands legions of frost giant warriors and he leads incursions against the Kellid tribes of the Realm of the Mammoth Lords.3 His forces are also enemies of the Icerender tribe of white-scaled kobolds resident in the Tusk Mountains.4

Three of Gnargorak's most trusted vassal jarls are Karthugra, who rides a white dragon into battle; Fronav, a female sorcerer who is known to wield a staff of the magi; and Thimroth who leads a group of giant polar bears.5


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