Grand Lodge (faction)

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Grand Lodge
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Loyalty to the Society above all; formerly Loyalty to the Decemvirate above all
Source: Pathfinder Society Guide, pg(s). 22
For another meaning of "Grand Lodge (faction)", please see Grand Lodge.

The Grand Lodge faction within the Pathfinder Society represents its ruling Decemvirate and the organization's larger philosophical and pragmatic goals.1


Regardless of a Pathfinder's nation of origin, all members of the Society consider the Grand Lodge in Absalom a second home. It is in this vast complex of sprawling towers, libraries, and reliquaries that so many Pathfinders receive their training, and within the Grand Lodge's walls, the masked leaders of the Society secretly guide the organization from their chambers at the peak of Skyreach's central tower. While many Pathfinders find their loyalty to the Society but one of several alliances to outside political or religious factions, most Pathfinders hold the strongest allegiance to the will of the Ten and the Pathfinder Society itself. Those who do not taint their dedication with distractions from other superiors are the pride of the Grand Lodge, and are rewarded for always putting the orders of the Decemvirate before their own personal wants and desires.2

Goals: Loyalty to the Society above all

Grand Lodge Pathfinders are often curious adventurers who believe the Pathfinder Society's tenets and Decemvirate's orders are their best guides to exploring the world, securing powerful magical items, and finding new adventures.3