Scarab Sages (faction)

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Scarab Sages
Symbol of the Scarab Sages.

See also: Osirion (faction)

The Scarab Sages faction within the Pathfinder Society represents the reunited order of Jeweled Sages and its quest to recover long-lost sage jewels.1


In 4712 AR, agents of the Osirion faction brought a collection of Thassilonian relics to offer to the Ruby Prince Khemet III. One of these relics was cursed, and it afflicted the Ruby Prince with a terrible wasting affliction. Despite the faction's attempts to find a cure, they were unable to remove the curse, and the monarch resorted to powerful magic to be rid of it. Disappointed by Amenopheus and his agents both for overlooking the curse and failing to remove it, Khemet III dismissed the Sapphire Sage and the Pathfinder allies from his service.

Exiled from power, Amenopheus researched the mysterious order of Jeweled Sages to which he belongs. Though he believed he was its last surviving member, in 4713 AR he discovered rumors about the Diamond Sage and learned the secret history of the Jeweled Sages, as well as how Amenopheus gained his power and wisdom.

With the assistance of Osirion faction Pathfinders, the two sages have reestablished their order independent of the Osirian state.2

Goals: Unlock the Wisdom of the Past for a Brighter Future

The Scarab Sages are intent on recruiting new sages by recovering the lost sage jewels and finding worthy inheritors of that power, as well as securing ancient secrets and disseminating that lore to modern innovators to spark a new golden age of thought and technology.2


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