Sczarni (faction)

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Personal Gain
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The Sczarni faction within the Pathfinder Society represented Sczarni crimelord Guaril Karela and the rest of the Varisian crime organization.


A loose affiliation of Varisian swindlers, thieves, and smugglers, the Sczarni don't have much in common with the average Pathfinder. But to many, there's little distinction between someone who robs the grave of an ancestor and someone who cons one out of her night's dinner. Thus, when Sczarni and Pathfinders come to town, both are often lumped into the same category by suspicious natives and watchful legal authorities—troublesome people to watch out for. Though not officially allied, many Pathfinders work with local Sczarni throughout the region to aid one another in surviving, hopefully gaining a leg up in their own endeavors in the process.1

Goals: Personal Gain

Sczarni-affiliated Pathfinders seek wealth and information for their own gain when taking missions from the Society.2


After Guaril's rapid ascension within the Sczarni families in 4713 AR, he went into hiding to avoid his enemies. He surfaced again in 4714 AR to negotiate a partnership with Trade Prince Aaqir al'Hakam's new trade syndicate, The Exchange.3