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Silver Crusade (faction)

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Silver Crusade
Silver Crusade faction.jpg
Type Pathfinder Society faction
Leader Ollysta Zadrian
Headquarters Temple of the Shining Star, Absalom
Scope Use the Society for Good

Source: Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play, pg(s). 14 (v4.0)

The Silver Crusade faction within the Pathfinder Society represents Pathfinders who want to apply the Society's resources toward making the world a better place.[1]


When the existence of so many factions within the Pathfinder Society began to become apparent, many were dismayed, especially those who took umbrage at the Society's resources being used for ethically questionable purposes or personal gain. Unable to eliminate such elements as the Shadow Lodge from the ranks of the organization, an influential group of Pathfinder clerics, paladins, and servants of good-aligned deities banded together to form their own faction—the Silver Crusade—as an answer to these undesirable offshoots of the Society.[2]

Goals: Use the Society for Good

While a crusade in name only, the Silver Crusade models itself after the staunchly good silver dragon, making a valiant effort to use the Society's influence, reach, and resources to do good throughout the Inner Sea region and beyond.[2] Crusaders strive to push the Society toward destroying the forces of evil and defending the weak, in part by identifying and removing elements of greed and abusive power from the Society itself.[1]


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