Liberty's Edge (faction)

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Liberty's Edge
Symbol of Liberty's Edge.

In Pursuit of True Liberty
Source: Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play, pg(s). 31 (v10.0)
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The Liberty's Edge faction within the Pathfinder Society represents a continuing mission to wipe out tyranny and corruption and spread freedom and justice across the Inner Sea region.1 Some distance has been made between both organisations, due in part to internal reforms within the Society and the change of leadership within the Liberty's Edge faction itself. Nevertheless, both still cooperate with certain ventures.2


In 4713 AR, Major Colson Maldris learned of a thriving contingent of statesmen—many who had held noble titles before the People's Revolt—who had established themselves as the new nobility of Andoran. These career politicians did not embrace this lifestyle publicly; doing so would invite criminal charges. Instead, they built up networks of political and economic power that keep them perpetually elected to office, in control of major industries, and in a position to shape a new generation of leaders through favors and cronyism.

These corrupt leaders represent only a small fraction of Andoran's elected leaders, and much of the nation still operates in a manner true to its founding principles. With the help of Pathfinder agents, Colson has tracked down enough evidence to accuse a few criminals in high places, but his attempts to demonstrate how deep the corruption runs has met with resistance from both the crooked and the honest. So long as his faction operated as a direct extension of Andoran, the faux-nobility could track Colson's attempts to root them out. To save Andoran, Colson had to leave Andoran and form Liberty's Edge.3

Major Colson Maldris went missing in 4717 AR and it seems he has enlisted some very questionable allies. With the appointed leader absent, the Liberty's Edge faction selected the halfling Tamrin Credence to keep the operation running smoothly and coordinate the hunt for Maldris.4

Goals: In Pursuit of True Liberty

The faction still seeks to help others throw off the shackles of tyranny and bring freedom to all people. Now, though, the faction's reason for doing this has expanded beyond altruism.3


In studying others' philosophies and techniques, faction members can borrow strategies that might help the faction hunt corruption at home and abroad.3 Members of Liberty's Edge may deploy everything from sabotage to oratory to subvert despots and uncover corruption.5


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