Harrowstone Memorial

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The moss-covered Harrowstone Memorial stands at the far south-west of the town of Ravengro on the eastern banks of the Ravengro Creek, a site which is one of the closest points in the town to the Harrowstone Prison; the prison itself stands on a hill to the south of the town. The stone memorial commemorates the 25 people who died in the fire of 4661 AR, which totally destroyed the Harrowstone Prison: they were the prison's warden Lyvar Hawkran, his wife Vesorianna Hawkran, and the prison guards. The names of the dead are etched at the base of the statue below a 25 foot sculpture of Warden Hawkran in uniform, wielding a truncheon. The memorial was built by the people of Ravengro shortly after the fire, as a statement of appreciation for the sacrifices made that night preventing the escape of Ustalav's most dangerous criminals.

Today the Memorial is a site for lovers' trysts and as close to the haunted grounds of the Harrowstone prison that most people will dare to go.12


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