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Hean Feramin

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Hean Feramin

The Splatter Man
Source: The Haunting of Harrowstone, pg(s). 17

Professor Hean Feramin, known as The Splatter Man, was a notorious serial killer who was incarcerated in Harrowstone prison near Ravengro, in Canterwall county, Ustalav, where he died in a great fire in 4661 AR.1


Feramin was a famous professor at the Quarterfaux Archives in Caliphas reading anthroponomastics. After he met a succubus demon, his study of personal names was corrupted, as was his mind, and an obsession linking a person's name and their death was formed. This obsession resulted in Feramin losing his job and becoming the infamous Splatter Man, so called because he spelt out his victims' names in blood before murdering them.1

Feramin was sentenced and removed to Harrowstone prison in Ravengro, where he was deprived of his wizard's spellbook and treated to a cell in the "Nevermore," a dark part of the prison reserved for particularly depraved criminals. Feramin was the brains behind the prisoners' uprising in 4661 AR, which ended with his death when the prison was engulfed in flames. His soul rose as an angry ghost thereafter.23