Town Square (Ravengro)

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The Town Square lies in the eastern half of the town of Ravengro but acts as the centre and hub for many town businesses and for gatherings of townsfolk; Ravengro is a small town in the west of the county of Canterwall in Ustalav. In the centre of the town square is a grassy area with a wooden pavilion built on top. The wooden structure is used as a bandstand and for making announcements to the people from the Ravengro Council; there is also one of the town's Posting Poles in the square for other announcements and news. Every Wealday, the local farmers set up a market in the square.1

Around the square are arrayed the following buildings:

Set just off the square is the Laughing Demon tavern.2

Old River, the stray dog known as the town's mascot, sleeps and spends most of its waking hours around the square.1