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Vance Saetressle

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Vance Saetressle

The Lopper
Died in Ravengro, Ustalav
Source: The Haunting of Harrowstone, pg(s). 17

Vance Saetressle, known as The Lopper, was a notorious serial killer who was incarcerated in Harrowstone prison near Ravengro, in Canterwall county, Ustalav, where he died in a great fire in 4661 AR.1


The Lopper got his nickname from the way he murdered his victims: he chopped off their heads with an axe, after stalking them for sometimes many days.1 After being caught, he was sentenced by Jurisdeclaris Axenris the Third in 4661 AR to be imprisoned in Harrowstone there to eventually be hanged, drawn and quartered.2 In the prison he was housed in the 'Oubliette', a pit used for particularly violent murderers. The Lopper was one of the key antagonists behind the attempted escape from Harrowstone in 4661 AR, which led the burning down of the prison and, sometime later, his death. His soul rose as a wraith thereafter.3