Temple of Pharasma (Ravengro)

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The Temple of Pharasma in Ravengro is the only religious building still used in the town: there was a small, and now defunct, chapel of Pharasma in Harrowstone Prison. It stands to the west of the town and has one of the town's Posting Poles standing outside. The building is impressive and has a stained-glass window set in the eastern wall that depicts the judging by the Lady of Graves of Count Andachi, an infamous past ruler of Tamrivena.

Today the temple is run by Vauran Grimburrow who has a dozen acolytes to see that the duties of the temple are fulfilled:

  • tending of the flock in the town and the outlying farms;
  • maintaining the temple's fabric;
  • caring for the Restlands graveyard to the north of the town;
  • selling holy water, magic potions and minor magic items to friends of the Temple.

The Temple has a secure vault for keeping valuables and only Grimburrow has a key for this.1 The Temple also has extensive records about the town's history.2