Hell's Pawns/Index

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This is an index of all the terms and proper nouns used in Dave Gross's serialized novella Hell's Pawns, published concurrently with the Pathfinder Adventure Path: Council of Thieves. Each entry has been linked to an article in this wiki on the subject.

The number after the entry refers to the Pathfinder Adventure Path volume (before the colon) and page number (after the colon) on which the term can be found in Hell's Pawns.


1. The Plaza of Flowers (PF#25 - The Bastards of Erebus, pp. 68-73)
2. House Henderthane (PF#26 - The Sixfold Trial, pp. 72-77)
3. The Goat Pen (PF#27 - What Lies in Dust, pp. 70-77)
4. The Palace of Jubilations (PF#28 - The Infernal Syndrome, pp. 74-79)
5. Blackrose Gardens (PF#29 - Mother of Flies, pp. 70-75)
6. The Scions Academy (PF#30 - The Twice-Damned Prince, pp. 70-75)