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Nation Kwanlai
Size Large city
Population 19,230
Demographics Mostly tengu
Government Benevolent autocrat
Ruler Lady Sutarai-Gongen

Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 29

Hisuikarasu is the capital of the tengu nation of Kwanlai, in Tian Xia. A relatively prosperous city in chaotic Kwanlai, Hisuikarasu is ruled by the half-celestial benevolent autocrat Lady Sutarai-Gongen.[1] Lady Sutarai-Gongen's popularity is such that her power is beginning to spread beyond the capital to the rest of Kwanlai.[2]


A local favourite haunt is the Golden Lotus Teahouse providing tea to its customers and also private rooms in which to meet and perform one's own tea ceremonies.[3]