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(chaotic, qlippoth, evil, extraplanar)
Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 222-223

The iathavos is the most powerful breed of qlippoth outside of the qlippoth lords themselves. Personifying the chaos and evil of the Outer Rifts itself, the breed is so singular and abhorrent that the Outer Rifts only allows one to exist at a time.12


The iathavos is a colossal, spherical creature with four bat-like wings. Red eyes peer from all sides, and two huge claws dangle below. It is often attended by nyogoth qlippoth that squirm over its body or under its bulk, feeding upon the wastes and fragments left behind by the iathavos.1[citation needed]


The iathavos can absorb and remake other creatures into nyogoths—one of the worst fates that could befall explorers of the deep Outer Rifts; or fire beams of entropic energy that cause its victims to burst into energy, flesh, shadow and smoke. It also possesses a supernaturally disgusting stench and a bewildering array of magical powers, including the ability to shift among the various planes of the Great Beyond, as well as immunity to mind-affecting effects. Creatures that succumb to the iathavos' horrific appearance are feebleminded and permanently blinded. Each new incarnation of the iathavos might have slightly different abilities from the previous one.13


The iathavos wages an eternal crusade against the demons and mortal sin. It does not limit its attention to demons in the Outer Rifts, and often travels to the Universe to clear worlds of mortals, preventing these worlds from supplying the Outer Rifts with sinful souls to create demons. Worlds that fall victim to the iathavos are thoroughly ruined and inhabited by an unusually large population of nyogoths that remain behind to consume every last speck of decay.1[citation needed]

It is possible to call the iathavos to a world with the most powerful spells, which will draw its attention to that world. Even if banished or forced to flee by the world's defenders, the iathavos remembers its visit and will often wait for centuries or millennia before coming back to pursue its goals on the world.1[citation needed]

When the iathavos is slain, there is a short interval before the Outer Rifts gives birth to a new one to replace it. The newborn iathavos is fully grown, does not undergo a 'childhood', and does not retain the memories or advancements of the previous iathavos, except for its eternal appetite and hatred for demons and mortal sin. As an iathavos continues to hunt and destroy, it grows more powerful. It rarely takes class levels—most that do usually become sorcerers.1[citation needed]


Akigyiat, one of the deepest Abyssal realms, is suspected to be the den of the iathavos. It is claimed by no demon lord, who consider contesting the iathavos over the barren realm's little resources not worth the effort.4


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