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(chaotic, qlippoth, evil, extraplanar)
Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 225

Shoggti1 are a race of tentacled, repulsive qlippoth that serve as slavers.2


A shoggti's body is a pale egg-shaped mass about 8 feet long. It has four suckered tentacles that are of the same length and end in pincers. These pincers are capable of incredibly dexterous manipulations. A shoggti cannot wield weapons in these pincers, but it can utilise magic items. Between a shoggti's shimmering eyes, a gnashing maw gapes.3[citation needed]


The shoggti are masters of mind manipulation, capable of seizing control of the thoughts of others and turning them into docile slaves. They consume their slaves' intellect, keeping them nearly mindless and easy to control. Creatures that succumb to a shoggti's horrific appearance become fascinated by its hypnotically wriggling tentacles and strange, shimmering eyes.23


Shoggti specialise in enslaving mortals and demons alike. They invade other realms in bands, seeking out slaves to bring back to the Outer Rifts to serve in their war against the demons; the ultimate fate of these slaves is unknown. Shoggti are fond of wands, particularly those that create mind-affecting effects.23


  1. The singular and plural forms of shoggti are the same.
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