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(chaotic, qlippoth, evil, extraplanar)
Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 224

Nyogoths are ravenous qlippoth that fill the ecological niche of scavengers in the Outer Rifts.1[citation needed]


A nyogoth appears to be a mass of intestines tangled around a fanged mouth. The tips of its coils also end in toothy maws. Its body is full of highly corrosive digestive fluid, and it squirts through the air in convulsive movements. A typical nyogoth is 5 feet in diameter and weighs 260 pounds, although they are known to grow much larger.1[citation needed]


Creatures that succumb to a nyogoth's horrific appearance become nauseated.1[citation needed]


Nyogoths roam the Abyssal realms and feed on natives and intruders alike. They can subsist on the waste and filth left behind by other denizens of the Outer Rifts, but prefer living creatures. Being outsiders, nyogoths can survive without food, although a hungry nyogoth that hasn't eaten for 12 hours becomes increasingly violent and erratic and will fight to the death when the prospect of food is available, to the point of consuming its own digestive juices.12

Nyogoths can be made from creatures that have been absorbed and remade by the iathavos qlippoth—one of the worst fates that could befall explorers of the deep Outer Rifts. These nyogoths squirm over its body or under its bulk, feeding upon the wastes and fragments left behind by the iathavos.3[citation needed]


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