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Thulgants are an intelligent species of spider-like qlippoth born from the cannibalistic orgies of augnagars.1[citation needed]


A thulgant has ten spidery legs, a head writhing with dripping tentacles above a clutch of red eyes, and three whipping stingers.1[citation needed]


As feral as augnagars are, thulgants possess a terrible and wicked intellect. They support an array of deadly physical attacks with a wide range of magical powers.12


A thulgant is born when an augnagar feeds upon enough qlippoth flesh and grows enormously bloated such that it can no longer fly, at which point the augnagar tears itself apart and transforms into a thulgant.1[citation needed]

Thulgants are single-minded in their determination to exterminate the demons and restore the Outer Rifts to qlippoth rule. Within Yad Iagnoth, thulgants build towering hives, the closest thing to civilisation known by the deepest Outer Rifts. These colonies are filled with slaves and petrified or preserved victims. The more powerful the victims, the greater the thulgant's prestige. Many thulgants employ utukku to attract victims from the Universe or other Abyssal realms. Mortals are fit only to be prisoners, servants or victims, and the choice is the thulgant's to make.123


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