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Chancellor Irahai.

Chancellor of Mendev
Source: Lost Omens Legends, pg(s). 54

Irahai is the Chancellor of Mendev, and the leader of its provisional civilian government since the Mendevian Crusades ended in victory.1


Irahai is the daughter of two Thuvian crusaders who came to the Worldwound.1


During the Crusades, Irahai developed numerous contacts with fellow crusaders, which have proven useful in her new role as Mendev's leader. Another correspondent is Artokus Kirran, to whom she originally sent a letter of thanks after buying a sun orchid elixir. Surprisingly, Artokus responded, and Irahai enjoys his letters for their practicality and insight, which help her understand phenomena in the Sarkoris Scar and let her know of Thuvia, the ancestral home which she never visited.1


Irahai grew up among soldiers and worked for the crusaders as a logistics administrator, during which she successfully won two biddings for the sun orchid elixir for Queen Galfrey. When the Worldwound was closed, Queen Galfrey appointed Irahai to oversee the transition to a civilian government. Due to her experience with demonic schemes, Irahai has foiled several such plots to corrupt the new government.1

One of her first actions as Chancellor was to establish the Mendevian Delegation, a parliamentary body representing the interests of the people. She currently focuses on the reapportionment of much of Mendev's wealth, which has long been held in trust by crusaders, to its rightful owners. However, identifying proper heirs is difficult due to the lack of written records, the intermarriage of crusaders and indigenous peoples, demonic corruption (which disqualifies inheritance), and differences between Mendevian and Sarkorian laws.1

Despite her good intentions, Irahai has run into problems by being unaware of ancient rivalries between clans (many of which share ancestors and claims to the same holdings). She has also sometimes trusted the wrong people, most notably the Sarkorian shaman Lokhallat, who advanced false claims on hunting grounds and valuables, and was gone by the time the crusaders discovered the truth.1 Irahai has accepted the aid of Magaambya envoys led by Janatimo, but is still unsure if she could trust them more than Lokhallat. In addition, she is also kept awake at night by Mendev's lack of basic infrastructure and national budget, as most of its assets were built for military purposes. Most of the crusaders have now left along with the material support that southern nations once sent to Mendev.2


Shortly after Irahai took charge of Mendev, the Black Sovereign Kevoth-Kul gifted her with the Sovereign Blade, which is made from a strange skymetal alloy called sovereign steel. Its magical properties remain a mystery, and seem to change every time one tries to identify them. No one is certain what Kevoth-Kul meant by the gift, and all of Irahai's attempts to ask him have been futile.2


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