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Speaker of All the World's Tales
The Learned One of the Magaambya
Head of the Uzunjati
Source: Lost Omens Legends, pg(s). 60–61

Janatimo occupies a unique position in the Magaambya Academy as the faculty leader of the Uzunjati. He is a male aiuvarin of Mwangi ethnicity of an indeterminate age, appearing youthful due to his elven heritage. His desire to expand the breadth and scope of Magaambya's libraries has brought him far beyond the borders of the Mwangi Expanse to the shores of Avistan where he carefully observes the unfolding stories of many diverse and notable individuals.1

Uzunjati in Avistan

Although little is known of Janatimo himself, the storyteller is driven intensely by the value he sees in tales of every manner, seeing it as the lifeblood of the world. To broaden the horizons of Magaambya's own archives, he has begun sending the Uzunjati to distant locations in Avistan such as the Sarkoris Scar and New Thassilon, which have been sites of significant magical activity that rivals that of what had been seen in Old Mage Jatembe's time. In some of these places of interest, he has begun utilizing the gathered magical knowledge of the Uzunjati for humanitarian causes, such as restoring the Gravelands from the ravages caused by the Whispering Tyrant. Janatimo especially observes specific people and places that have caught his interest:1

Kalabrynne Iomedar and her child, Clarethe
Janatimo sympathizes greatly with the two Knights of Lastwall, and has prioritized the use of his people's knowledge towards the revitalization of the lands now known as the Gravelands. His researchers believe that the source of corruption in the region is mostly propagated by ancient and tainted artifacts, which can be destroyed to restore the land.1
Sarkoris Scar
Uzunjati travel through the old site of the Worldwound to aid the survivors in resettling as well as collecting their stories. Janatimo himself finds great interest in the native Sarkorians who are now just returning to the land and hopes to preserve the tales of their ancestors.1
The idea of a reformed runelord has piqued Janatimo's interest greatly. He believes that Sorshen can become a great force for good in the restoration of the Gravelands. He hopes to persuade the runelord to share her knowledge of magic with the Magaambya.1
Once Janatimo's protégée before her current occupation as a revolutionary, Sihar had used her time at the Magaambya to learn all she could of the Old Sun Gods in order to arm herself with knowledge to defy Walkena of Mzali. Her rebellion has since endangered several brave Emerald Boughs—students from a sister branch of scholarship to the Uzunjati at the Magaambya—who had long since infiltrated the city to study the Child God's tyrannical domain. It is their combined hope for the Emerald Boughs to be smuggled out of the city, although Janatimo fears that Walkena's retribution may take them before they can be rescued.12

Personal life

Janatimo was born from the union of two scholars from the Magaambya, and had been tutored at a young age to become a living archive. His personal curriculum at Magaambya encourages his students to utilize the knowledge found within stories, which is reflected in the Uzunjati's growing number of expeditions.1



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