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Flag of Quain.
Titles Successor State
Alignment Lawful neutral
Capital Lanming
Ruler King Wen
Government Hereditary monarchy
Languages Tien
Religions Irori, Qi Zhong, Shizuru, Sun Wukong

Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 35

The Successor State of Quain in Tian Xia is the largest center of martial arts training on the continent.[1]


Quain is a land rich in many resources including gems, gold, grain, stone, and timber. It also produces fine paper, silk, and tea, and countless mercenary companies.[1]


Quain's government is currently run by King Wen, an hereditary monarch who is supported by a bureaucracy of eunuchs.[1]

Places of interest


Most of Quain's human inhabitants are of the Tian-Shu ethnicity, although large numbers of kitsune and tengus also live in the country.[1]

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