Kamifushi Mountains

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The Kamifushi Mountains are a range of mountains that run down the southern length of the Ikkaku Peninsula in northern Minkai.1 The Kamifushi are rich in minerals and many of the peninsula's residents make their living mining these geological riches. The Kamifushi Mountains are also home to a large number of hot springs, many of which boast healing properties. These springs often have an accompanying temple to either Desna, Kofusachi, or Qi Zhong. Unlike in many other locations, the residents of Ikkaku Peninsula have never attempted to make any profit from these healing hot springs.2

In the north of the Kamifushi range sits Mount Kumijinja, one of the volcanos known as the Three Fires. Mount Kumijinja also has an entrance to the Darklands layer of Nar-Voth, known as the Ghost Path, within its caldera. In 470 AR, General Ishanda Aiko led an expedition along the Ghost Path. There were almost no survivors after Ishanda's army stumbled upon the outskirts of the oni city of Shirogoku.3


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