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Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 32

Sakakabe is a busy coastal town in Minkai. It is built on a favourable landing on an otherwise treacherous coastline.12

Sakakabe is constructed on a series of steep, concentric terraces that extend from the port to the top of the hills, where the richest houses are built, while the lowest terraces lean on the ruins of a stone fortress built millennia ago. The ancient stone walls are adorned with reliefs of ancient warriors, but these images are now almost completely hidden by modern structures.1

The town is known for its entertainment district (or hanamachi), which is built on one of the highest terraces, centred on a large street called the Way of the Songbird.1


A prosperous town, Sakakabe has a middle-class that enjoys a high standard of living. The town has a fair number of temples, shrines, theatres, and other culturally significant locales, which is a source of pride for its populace.2

Unfortunately, this wealth in addition to the lenient attitude of its governor has led to the rise of the yakuza in most of their traditional activities, especially gambling. The openness and appeal of these games have made the town attractive to visitors, giving the city’s single yakuza group a measure of legitimacy.2


Much of the town's prosperity is derived from pearl and silver, the latter derived from the silver mines in the nearby Sankyodai Mountains, and the former from the entire north-western coast, home of oysters and conches in the coral reefs and natural lagoons. Sakakabe is also famed for its refined entertainment district, where its skilled geishas and theatres operate.2

Locations of Interest

The Kiniro Kyomai teahouse
Operated by skilled geisha, the teahouse is located in the entertainment district. It is owned by the especially skilled and respected geisha O-Kohaku.3


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