Kassi Aziril

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Kassi Aziril
Kassi Aziril.

Mother of Medicine; Doctor
Magaambya (formerly)
Source: Legends, pg(s). 70

Kassi Aziril (née Elaran) is a Rahadoumi doctor who eschews magical healing and has made several important breakthroughs in medicine. While most of her achievements have been ignored by the medical community due to easy access to magical healing, her techniques have proven their usefulness in godless Rahadoum.1


Kassi's family was adopted into the Aziril clan, allowing her to take the surname Aziril, as a show of solidarity from the Rahadoumi government.1


Kassi is a former apprentice of Artokus Kirran, who continues to diligently correspond with her.2 She also corresponds with Anong Arunak, whose subjects in the Mana Wastes have shown interest in her discoveries.3 Some more traditionalist dwarves balk at this but far more amongst the Donguni understand that if they have to retreat back into their magic-less cavern, they may have need of non-magical healing.4

During her travels across Golarion, Hashim ibn Sayyid introduced Kassi to kandlerae, a deep sea alga with medicinal properties, which led to many of her accomplishments. However, she has begun to suspect that he might have ulterior motives.15

The Rahadoumi government is a major sponsor of Kassi's research; in 4708 AR, when her work was plagiarised by Taldan and Qadiran scholars within a month of each other, the government intervened by publishing her book-length report on medicine, ensuring that Kassi's work is properly credited and securing their own control over it, and allowing her to be adopted into the Aziril clan.1

After having been targeted by Red Mantis assassins on false pretenses (the Red Mantis initially believed that Kassi had brought back one of their victims to life, only to later learn that the assassin they originally sent failed to kill the victim at the first place), Kassi was granted immunity to further Red Mantis assassinations by Jakalyn.6 Abrogail Thrune II is offended by Kassi's atheism and concerned that it might spread to Cheliax, declared her a blasphemer against Asmodeus and Iomedae, and decreed that Kassi is to be excruciated should she be found inside Cheliax, after her contract with the Red Mantis to assassinate her was voided.7

Hebizid Vraj is currently secretly trying to invite Kassi to teach at Venicaan College, promising a substantial salary and protection from any complications.81

Since Kassi is unwilling to make her kandlerae derivative available to the public, her research methods have proven difficult to replicate, though her battlefield techniques are increasingly widespread across the Inner Sea region.1

Kassi studied medicine at the Magaambya arcane school located in the Mwangi Expanse, saying that from her time studying there, she learned to value service over promoting her academic publications and complimented "the heroic attitude of Magaambyan scholars that has changed the world for millennia and continues to change it to this day."9