Klaas Fjortoft

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Klaas Fjortoft
Race/Species Dwarf
Gender Male
Homeland originally Lands of the Linnorm Kings; latterly Harse, Varisia
Organization Kodar Kneecappers
Died Probable
Companion(s) Shaleera Priymak

Source: Rival Guide, pg(s). 34

Klaas Fjortoft was the founder member of the Kodar Kneecappers adventuring group and a famous giant-killer. He, and his colleagues, are presumed dead after a raid on the giant's graveyard called Chorak's Tomb. They have never been seen since and, shortly after that fateful expedition, a giant raiding party razed to the ground the dwarf's home in Harse and killed all but one of his family: Thortona Fjortoft, his daughter. Thortona is the current leader of the Kodar Kneecappers and holds her father's journal tightly as the only thing left to remember him. Klaas' journal records the Kodar Kneecappers' methods and rationale: Klaas considered giantkind a 'forest of foul flesh' that needed 'pruning'; he considered giants to be a major threat to dwarves and other civilization and portrayed the Kneecappers as 'weeds' in the giant's forest.[1]


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