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A portrait of Krune
Titles Runelord of Sloth;
Lord of Haruka;
High Priest of Lissala
Alignment Lawful evil
Race/Species Human (Azlanti)
Class Conjurer 17
Gender Male
Homeland Haruka, Thassilon
Deity Lissala
Images of Krune

Source: Burnt Offerings, pg(s). 76

Krune (pronounced KROON)[1] was the Runelord of Sloth and ruler of the realm of Haruka. While not as violent as other Thassilonian rulers (generally attributed to his laziness), Krune was not to be trifled with as he was the chief priest of the goddess Lissala. None of his enemies wanted to risk the ire of a man who had truly mastered rune magic as they did not know the limits of his power.[2]

Krune's weapon of rule was a dragon-tooth longspear that could move and attack on its own, freeing him from the physical rigors of combat. He also possessed a rod carved with secret runes of the priesthood of Lissala. No mention is made of his physical appearance save one, that his own flesh was tattooed with the symbols and formulae for a hundred secret spells.[2]