Latten Mechanism

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Latten Mechanism

(extraplanar, herald)
Any (Axis)
Source: Lords of Rust, pg(s). 84–85

Latten Mechanism1 is an intelligent construct created by Brigh to be her herald. It prefers research and invention to battle, and is a defender of all constructs.2


Latten Mechanism resembles a clockwork termite with an oversized head, androgynous humanoid face, multiple limbs wielding tools, and a chittering, human-sized, maw-like hatch on its abdomen. It can speak from both its termite and humanoid mouths simultaneously in an inhuman voice. By default, it is similar in size to a rhinoceros but can change at will.2


Latten Mechanism's mechanical mind values intelligent living creatures and constructs alike. It can understand flattery, insults, and threats, but not the motivations for such speech.2

Like other constructs, Latten Mechanism needs occasional maintenance but requires neither food nor water. It has no fear of death since Brigh can simply rebuild and reactivate it should it be destroyed, making it effectively immortal.2

Latten Mechanism sees itself as the protector of all constructs, especially intelligent ones. Against hostile constructs it prefers to reprogram over destruction, and does so only if it has no other choice. It considers construct-controlling magic to be a violation of their free will and uses it only to peacefully neutralise hostile constructs, which it then sometimes absconds with as it flees to later deal with the construct's master. To fool foes into dismissing it as a mindless construct, Latten Mechanism does not speak in battle.2

Brigh's herald enjoys the company of creators who are respectful of their creations, is inquisitive about its allies' mechanical creations, and can offer valuable advice toward completing difficult crafting tasks. It loves all constructs it builds as pets, including temporary clockwork soldiers, and is saddened if any are harmed or destroyed. It is also fond of and collects small clockwork objects, and offering such toys—especially complex specimens—as payment makes Latten Mechanism much more likely to offer its support.2

Habitat and society

Latten Mechanism spends most of its time in Axis, in the company of Brigh's other servitors and pursuing its research. Latten Mechanism considers the creation of undead neutrally, and equates it to recycling parts of destroyed constructs to build new ones. It is fond of axiomites and inevitables, respecting their anatomy while remaining curious about their lawful devotion. It only travels to the Material Plane when commanded by Brigh or to protect genius inventors from rampaging constructs; its most frequent destination is Alkenstar, although it holds no particular attachment to any nation or race.2

Latten Mechanism is admired by Brigh's other servants for its crafting skill and devotion to constructs. Those who wish to become organic seek counsel from it with hopes of better appreciating their mechanical bodies and unique souls.2


The herald can change its size at will, from humanoid-sized to huge. Its biting maw can emit acid or electricity, and it can burrow and climb much like its insectile resemblance. It is skilled in many crafts, including gunsmithing, and always has the tools necessary to use them. It also has powers similar to an integrated lyre of building.2


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