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The Ascended
Areas of Concern
Rites of passage
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Domains (1E)
Air, Evil, Liberation, Strength
Subdomains (1E)
Daemon, Ferocity, Freedom, Wind
Favored Weapon
Burning eye and tentacles
Sacred Animal
Sacred Colors
Blue, silver
Source: Horsemen of the Apocalypse, pg(s). 25

Llamolaek the Ascended is a daemonic harbinger who makes his home in a realm known as the Halls of the Twice-Dead on the plane of Abaddon. A former Apocalypse Rider, he was stripped of his rank by another former Rider, Roshmolem the Steel-Weaver.1 After Roshmolem's death, Llamolaek's soul awoke within the shell of a golden astradaemon. It incubated there until it was able to gather enough power to seize territory on the outskirts of Abaddon. There, he tries to subjugate the native div population in the hopes of creating an army of warrior-slaves to once again seize power. His small spark of divine power gives him the ability to grant spells and boons to those who worship him. His unholy symbol is a burning eye surrounded by golden tentacles.2


  1. Llamolaek's station as an Apocalypse Rider is not given. Because Roshmolem was Rider of War and all Riders of Death and Famine are accounted for, Llamolaek was presumably the Rider of Pestilence. However, this is not directly stated in the text.
  2. Amber Stewart. “Daemonkind” in Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Book of the Damned Volume 3, 25. Paizo Inc., 2011