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Yrsinius was a Rider of Pestilence for several eons before he was ambushed and presumably destroyed by the protean Chorus of Malignant Symmetry in the Maelstrom.12 Rumors suggest Yrsinius might someday return to reclaim their title as an Apocalypse Rider, which concerns Apollyon, the current Rider of Pestilence.13

Reports in Abaddon mention planar travelers who encounter cities wracked by plagues in the Outer Rifts, some of which consume flesh and soul alike. Such tales lead some to believe that Yrsinius remains active, with theories suggesting that he might now be a corrupted chimera crafted by his protean assailants.13 Other rumors posit that Yrsinius was instead captured by axiomites for research in the demiplane of Liracaenia's Cradle, though the identity of the being held captive there is not truly known.4


As a daemon, Yrsinius had an insect-like humanoid body with many hydra heads and three mouse tails.13


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