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Titles The Ophidian
Home Abaddon
Alignment Neutral evil
Areas of Concern Incurable afflictions
Cleric Alignments
Domains Evil, Magic, Scalykind, Water
Subdomains Daemon, Decay, Fear, Venom
Favored Weapon Spiked chain
Symbol Ouroboros and jackal head
Sacred Animal Viper
Sacred Colors Green, yellow

Vorasha the Ophidian is a daemonic harbinger, whose realm, the Writhing Palace, can be found on the plane of Abaddon. She is a servant and sometimes lover of the archdaemon Trelmarixian, and aspires to become one of the Horsemen. Her small spark of divine power gives her the ability to grant spells and boons to those who worship her. Vorasha's unholy symbol is the head of a jackal encircled by an ouroboros, a snake eating its own tail.[1][2]

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