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Small city
Source: Cradle of Night, pg(s). 57

Lyrudrada is the oldest known caligni city, located in Nar-Voth, beneath the southern Mindspin Mountains. It is the location of the only known temple to the Forsaken, and is speculated to be the caligni's original home.12


Lyrudrada is located below the Shadow Caverns in Nidal and above the city of Sverspume in Sekamina. It is easy to reach from the Long Walk, but lies on no major trade route, as Darklands traders tend to prefer the more welcoming Shadow Caverns or Sverspume over the insular Lyrudrada. The Grayfoam River flows through the city, southeast from duergar3 ports.1


For millennia, the caste-clans of Lyrudrada have held an uneasy power equilibrium under a cabal of caligni stalkers and owbs until a recent coup that saw the assassination of the previous Overlord at the hands of the Reborn, a former secret society whom few took seriously. The leaders of the Reborn, the owb prophet Veilisendri and his lieutenant Nephenie, have overthrown the balance and plunged the city into chaos, their agents promising power to their allies and openly murdering their enemies. Though there are hundreds of caste-clans within Lyrudrada, only a few remain after the Reborn's purge.12


The oldest known caligni city, Lyrudrada is speculated to be their first home in the Age of Darkness after they fled Calignos. In the Age of Destiny, the Nidalese warlord Haramil sacked the city, although it has since recovered.2


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