Long Walk

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The Long Walk was constructed and is now patrolled by hryngars.

The Long Walk is the only major tunnel linking locations in the Darklands realm of Nar-Voth on the continent of Avistan. It serves as a major trade route in the region and is regularly patrolled by the hryngars1 of Hagegraf.2


The Long Walk begins at Hagegraf, located under the northern Five Kings Mountains, and runs for hundreds of miles in a generally westerly direction before turning northwest on the western border of Molthune, running below the Mindspin Mountains. It passes directly below the dwarven Sky Citadel of Janderhoff in eastern Varisia, a heavily fortified entrance to Nar-Voth, and turns sharply northeastward thereafter before ending at the hryngar city of Fellstrok, beneath the fallen Sky Citadel of Urgir in the Hold of Belkzen.34


Gromdaer Akrizoth was the first king of the hryngars and was responsible for reclaiming their capital of Hagegraf from ghouls and morlocks in the 15th century AR, as well as the construction of the Long Walk.5 The Akrizoth Horologe was built to celebrate his victory at Hagegraf and bears his name.5

After 150 years of rule, he disappeared during an offensive into Sekamina in retaliation against serpentfolk who interfered with the construction of the Long Walk.6 Following a lengthy succession debate, he was succeeded as monarch by his daughter Aktaelin Akrizoth, who oversaw the completion of the Long Walk.6


The Long Walk is by far the fastest route through Nar-Voth, which otherwise consists of small tunnels of limited range and utility.7 With the eastern portion so heavily patrolled by hryngars, it is a popular route for trade caravans even though the grey dwarves levy a hefty tax on all such traffic.8


Due to the heavy hryngar patrols, other races prevalent in Nar-Voth such as the dark fey and xulgaths avoid the Long Walk.9


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