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Nation Darklands
Region Sekamina
Size Small city
Population 7,300
Demographics 43% caligni creeper, 18% duergar, 17% caligni stalker, 10% troglodyte, 8% human, 2% drow, 2% other
Alignment Lawful evil
Ruler August Caller

Source: Into the Darklands, pg(s). 42

Sverspume is one of the most well-known settlements in the Darklands, as it hosts the largest open slave market found below Avistan and Garund.[1]


Located far below the nation of Nidal in the Darklands realm of Sekamina, Sverspume occupies a large central cavern surrounded in a ring by numerous smaller caves. These exterior caverns are patrolled by caligni creepers.[1]


The primary occupants of Sverspume are caligni who control the traffic and sale of slaves within the city. Their leader, a caligni stalker by the name of August Caller, officiates at the most important auctions. Other Darklands and surface races are common here as well, especially duergar, who bring in the majority of darksider slaves for trade. The caligni make sure that disagreements between the varying races do not escalate into open conflict, and have the power to ban offending races for an entire year or more from the slave markets. Currently surface elves, mongrelmen, and svirfneblin are barred and can be attacked on site if found trespassing.[1]