Caligni creeper

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Caligni creeper
Dark creeper1E

Caligni creepers, also termed dark creepers by non-caligni, are the most common of the caligni and they adopt a roguish attitude within caligni society.1 They are the sibling race to the taller caligni stalkers who dwell in Golarion's Darklands; and caligni creepers treat the caligni stalkers almost like gods. Caligni creepers and caligni stalkers form a physically dimorphic society that is part of the wider caligni population.[citation needed]


Caligni creepers are small halfling-sized humanoids and, like other caligni, they have pallid skin, white eyes, and an emaciated appearance.1 Caligni creepers stand about four feet tall. They have an unpleasant odour due to their custom of never removing their clothing. When garments become worn, they add an additional layer on top.2[citation needed]


As with all dying caligni, caligni dancers blast energy which, in their case, is a blinding white light.1


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