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Type Outsider
(elemental, extraplanar, fire)
CR 3
Environment Any land (Plane of Fire)

Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 189
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Magmins are intelligent, humanoid-shaped elemental creatures native to the Plane of Fire.[1]


Magmins resemble humanoids made from fire and magma that stand four feet tall and weigh 300 pounds. They radiate such intense heat that it shimmers in the air around them. Their very touch can melt metal and incinerate clothing, and their presence can accidentally set fire to objects.[1]


Magmins live in large settlements on the Plane of Fire, dotted with magma pools and geysers. Each magma pool has a different purpose, and magmins take pride in cultivating them. Cooking pools (sometimes nicknamed murder pools) are the hottest of them and seasoned with minerals and salts, and relaxation pools are usually darker than bathing pools.[1]

Like other natives of the elemental planes, magmins occasionally break through the walls separating the dimensions and settle on the Material Plane. Such portals tend to form in areas of intense magic or heat, such as near volcanoes or underground magma floes.[1]


Because they are among the least powerful natives of the Plane of Fire, magmins tend toward not-unjustified paranoia, and are always suspicious of outsiders. Travellers are usually bombarded with questions, and those that do not give satisfactory answers are shuffled off or thrown into the magmins' magma pool. Gaining the trust of magmins is almost impossible, and those who try usually begin with offering them precious minerals or protecting them from invaders. Major conquerors rarely bother fighting magmins, as they are too numerous but offer little plunder.[1][2]

Magmins view rasts and cinderghosts as allies, and are locked in a conflict against magma dragons and thoqquas.[2]

Magmins on Golarion

Groups of magmins have been spotted near the volcanic mudpots known as Feaster's Dint in Andoran's Darkmoon Vale,[3] the Flume Warrens in the Darklands realm of Sekamina,[4] and the volcanic island known as the Smoker in the Shackles.[5]


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